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Central Hillcrest, San Diego, California

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Rescue Hillcrest is dedicated to protecting the quality of life in Hillcrest, one of the six officially designated neighborhoods that comprise the Uptown planning area just north of Downtown San Diego.

Already, "Hillcrest is one of the more intensely developed neighborhoods in San Diego," with infill on most lots, yet has maintained its character as walkable and livable. Named in 2007 by the American Planning Association as one of the 10 best neighborhoods in America, those of us who live here feel a special pride in fostering growth in keeping with the existing community.

Currently, Hillcrest is being subject to outside forces that are trying to rig the system, by overuling community input and have the next Community Plan allow excessive development. Rather than work within the scale of things as-is, they want to take advantage of Hillcrest's desirable location to tear down what's on the ground and throw up shoebox high rises.

But there's more to us than just opposition to speculative development. To find out more, read the About Us page on this site and check out the articles and news items below, and then click on Join Us if you agree that Hillcrest is worth protecting.

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URGENT NOTICE! Uptown Planners is holding its annual election this Tuesday, 3/1, at 6:00PM and will be filling SEVEN seats. The Gateway gang is trying to pack the board with a slate of their candidates. Please show up at the Joyce Beers Community Center with an ID and proof of residency, business or property ownership, and vote for the following candidates who will help Rescue Hillcrest:

Roy Dahl, Hillcrest
William Ellig, University Heights
Timothy Gahagan, Hillcrest
Amie Hayes, Hillcrest
Stuart McGraw, University Heights
Cindy Thorsen, University Heights
Leo Wilson, Bankers Hill

Rescue Hillcrest responds to Gateway "rebuttal" - can they handle the truth?

Gateway gang responds to Rescue Hillcrest criticisms with misinformation, fails to reveal ties to a supposedly impartial charity.

Uptown Planners vote to reject January changes to June draft Community Plan that increased density and heights.

Uptown Planners to hold special meeting on 2/16 to discuss Land Use, vote on recommendation to reject increased density proposed in January 2016 over the June 2015 draft.

Uptown Planners frustrated, angered by City "bait-and-switch" on increased densities in January 2016 revisions over what was proposed in June 2015.

SDGLN picks up on article in the San Diego Reader on Gateway gang lobbying for increased densities and heights.

San Diego Reader publishes exposé about Gangway gang of greedy Uptown landowners, mentions Rescue Hillcrest as their opponents.

City of San Diego Planning Department releases on evening of Friday 1/29 troubling revised Community Plan elements.

Rescue Hillcrest formally announced in guest editorial in San Diego Uptown News.

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Last updated 29th of April 2016

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Rescue Hillcrest - Community Organization in San Diego, California