Photo of the Hillcrest sign. Credit: San Diego Free Press (RIP)

What is #QIMBY and how it relates to what we mean by fostering growth


Notice from Mission Hills Heritage about Uptown Planners election on 3/5/19. Source: Facebook

Community group coalition endorses genuine candidates for Uptown Planners election on 3/5

Mayoral candidate demolishes the YIMBY scam

Hillcrest Business Association admits "Promenade" not a park, would violate Uptown Community Plan

"Hillcrest DMV plan makes friends of enemies," San Diego Reader, 2/20/19

Local businesses oppose Promenade project, cite "Need for a True Park"

Recent essay on the state of LGBT Hillcrest and developer pressure

"Hillcrest: gayborhood or ghetto?." San Diego Reader, 1/2/19

Bad copy of current DMV office proposed for Hillcrest

"DMV building doesn't fit the neighborhood," San Diego Reader, 9/7/18


Historic district straddling Hillcrest and North Park fought by "NIMBYs"

"The irony of historic districts," San Diego Reader, 8/10/18

Short term vacation rentals continue to negatively impact neighborhoods

Gateway tries again, wanting to trade preservation for parking

"Hillcrest parking structure 10 years overdue," San Diego Reader, 10/12/17

Smaller developer a serial bad neighbor

"He said he would destroy our neighborhood," San Diego Reader, 8/30/17

Hillcrest Business Association wants to tax residents

Gateway lobbyist takes on the community again; client agrees to pull back

Parking District seeks to subsidize businesses by punishing residents

Guest column on eleventh-hour attempt to save Hillcrest historic district

"Gateway gang" tips its hand, shows their plan for Hillcrest

Hillcrest Business Association admits to illegal lobbying, land use interference

"How Hillcrest sidestepped Uptown planners," San Diego Reader, 7/20/16

Hillcrest historic district revealed removed from final draft Community Plan Update

"Gateway gang" publishes its slate of Trojan horse candidates

Sample ballot, Uptown Planners election, 3/1/16

"Gateway gang" responds to Rescue Hillcrest criticisms, fails to reveal ties to putative charity

"Guest editorial: A rebuttal to Mat Wahlstrom," San Diego Uptown News, 2/26/16

Uptown Planners vote to reject increased densities

"Turning back time," San Diego Uptown News, 2/26/16

Uptown Planners angered by City 'bait and switch' on increased densities in Jan 2016 from June 2015

"Uptown Planners enter into ‘twilight zone’," San Diego Uptown News, 2/12/16

News aggregator picks up on, riffs "Gateway gang"

Rescue Hillcrest named in opposition to Gateway district

"Hillcrest hashes high-rise housing heights," San Diego Reader, 2/10/16

Formation of Rescue Hillcrest announced in print